Herstory in Art


Exploring accessible, fun, and informative methods of teaching art history, this series will use the intimacy of sound to discuss what art historians find so exciting about their work. The pieces will provide the necessary background information but also search for a less-formal, less-academic sound than stereotypical art history lectures. Uniting the series through a feminist lens, the series will concentrate on the little-known women and women’s issues expressed in the works. Focusing on artworks that provoked outrage when they were unveiled, the works will delve into the “why?” of that outrage. What makes these works exciting and groundbreaking today? Why doesn’t everyone know about them? Utilizing art to discuss history and its consequences, the audio will capture what the artists hoped to express and why it was important. This historic lens will allow historians to explain how each work connects to social issues and discussions, both then and now.

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