Articles About Climate Impacts


An area’s climate has a huge impact on how trees in that location grow and advance over time. Climate aspects that affect the trees include how much sun the trees get. Changes in climate are also expected to influence our forests. This page tells you all about some of the impacts that climate has in Crandall Park.

Fall Foliage and Climate Change

Every fall, in early October, the beautiful green leaves on our deciduous trees begin to change to a variety of red, yellow, and orange colors. Shorter days and cooler nights trigger these changes. Therefore, the current and future changes in climate could both shorten the length and change the intensity of coloration during the peeping season. Read more →

Sunlight and Tree Shape

Trees need sunlight to survive and prosper in any kind of environment. Sunlight is one of the factors that allows for trees to grow in their specific ways creating their distinct crown shapes that can differ from tree to tree even within the same species. The tree crown consists of the leaves and branches that extend outward from the tree's trunk. Without ample amount of access to this necessity, a tree may be less resistant to environmental and human stressors and tree shape will be altered. Read more →