MDOCS Storytellers' Institute

Tianyu Shi

a virtual exhibit of work by the 2020 MDOCS Storytellers’ Institute Fellows

The short film Sea is a story about the sea and a couple. In the story, the girl and the boy are a couple who loved each other for years. They have fun, have trips and live together. They make meals, share household tasks and emotions in life. However, because of the difficulties happening in their life again and again, they put more and more negative emotions on each other, which alter their relationship forever. The work is based on real stories. The producer shares her own experience and expresses her own true feelings in this film. The audience can feel the storyline and the emotion between two characters through their dialogue and facial expression. The film also records the sea in four seasons.

Tianyu Shi
Skidmore ‘21 is a self-determined Film major, with a minor in Dance. She loves making videos and short films of things happening around her, and she was inspired greatly by the diversity of Shanghai where she grew up. She has also spent parts of her life in Australia, the UK and the US. This mix of urban and intimate environments shaped her into who she is today. She is a fan of traveling and has visited a great number of cities and countries. This kind of traveling experience gives her the chance to know more about the real world and broaden her horizon. She aims to build a bridge of communication between diverse cultures through a shared appreciation for film and art. 

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