MDOCS Storytellers' Institute

Ben Hayes

a virtual exhibit of work by the 2020 MDOCS Storytellers’ Institute Fellows

Local Milk, Directed by Ben Hayes, Music by Jules Evens –– In the shadow of the Colorado flatirons, a small community of humans, animals, plants, and microbes works together in a waltz of collective nourishment. This film explores the processes behind the milk at Jacob Springs Farm, incorporating testimony from members of the farm and footage of their work into a contemplation of food, relationship, and embodiment. (Above is a short excerpt from the larger project.)

Ben Hayes
graduated from Skidmore this Spring as an American Studies major. His thesis was about privacy and domestic space. His artistic background is in writing, photography, and videography, with increasing engagement in documentary work. He is interested in documentary as a vehicle for participating in and gaining an experiential understanding of a situation firsthand and sharing that with others. His favorite documentarians include Werner Herzog, Errol Morris, and Joshua Oppenheimer. 

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