2019 Skidmore Student Fellows

Jared Azud ’20

Jared Azud is an Anthropology and Art History double major who focuses on ritual: expanding upon ideas of domesticity, media and spirituality, technology, the diary and the archive.  Jared’s Buzzwords are: Hello Kitty, lip gloss, gremlins, Criterion Collection, rom-coms, votive, pyroclastic flows, love letters, space, vegan banana bread, and transparency.

Haja Isatu Bah ’21

Haja Isatu Bah is an international student from Sierra Leone. She is an Environmental Studies major and is currently the public relation officer for African Heritage Awareness club and Muslim Students Organization.  Her interest in documentary storytelling developed alongside her passion for environmental justice issues.  She enjoys being involved in discussions that are facilitated towards creating solutions for justice problems; social and environmental.

Liv Fidler ‘19

Liv Fidler is an American Studies major and Media and Film Studies minor from San Diego, California. Her passion for visual documenting started with darkroom photography at age 13 and has grown ever since. She worked at the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust for several summers, helping lead their documentary filmmaking programs and–among several photographic, audio doc. and film endeavors there–made short films about local Holocaust survivors. Last summer, she was a script coverage intern at Paul Feig’s (Bridesmaids, Freak and Geeks) production company. She is currently writing her senior thesis on body politics and comediennes.

Samantha Marie Garcia is a Sociology major with a passion for writing. She focuses on how to interweave personal narrative and sociological perspectives throughout her work. She has found the vivid intersections between works of non-fiction and sociology compelling. Through analyzing the works of one of her favorite authors Joan Didion, she continues to find the beautiful ways stories unravel the societies we live in. She happily works at the Scribner Library as a Circulation Assistant. She loves curating the monthly display and finding books older than 100 years old quietly sleeping on the shelves. She is a member of the Tang Student Advisory Council and has worked with several other amazing women to curate The Hyde Gallery’s first exhibit “Eye Candy” and continues to look forward to all the new adventures she has left to embark on!

Chris Isaacson ’19

Chris Isaacson is  a senior at Skidmore College. On top of being a part of the Storytellers’ Institute, he is also producing this year’s National College Comedy Festival at Skidmore College. As an amateur comedian, he studied at The Second City in Chicago and UCB in New York. This past semester he wrote his American Studies thesis on the morals of prank shows and hopes to continue exploring a similar vein this summer at the Storytellers’ Institute.

Sarah Maacha ’20

Sarah Maacha ’20 is from Marrakech and is currently a junior at Skidmore College, majoring in International Affairs and minoring in Business Management.  It was during her sophomore year, studying abroad in Paris, that she reconnected with her passion for storytelling through writing and her analog photography class.  She is a graduate from the African Leadership Academy (ALA), a two-year Pan-African boarding school in Johannesburg.  It was at ALA that she developed a passion for African culture and ways of communicating diversity through storytelling using various art mediums. She was the CEO and co-founder of CYCA (Connecting Youth Connecting Africa), which is a student-run enterprise that sought to use art literature to help Africans overcome their preconceptions about each other.

Sarah Marlin ’20

Sarah Marlin is a junior at Skidmore College studying history, theater, and political science. Growing up in Saratoga Springs, both the arts community and her proximity to the Adirondacks have shaped her to be the gal she is today.  Beyond classes, Sarah fills her time with participating in sketch and improv comedy groups, DJing at WSPN 91.1, or wandering around Northwoods.  In Spring of 2018, she spent the semester studying comedy at The Second City in Chicago. Sarah is interested in comedy writing and performance as a means for healing personal traumas, community growth, and is excited to explore humor beyond the realm of entertainment.

Sanjna Selva ’21

Sanjna Selva is an International Affairs major and Media and Film Studies minor with a passion for documentary film-making, photography and social justice.  In May, she presented at a public photography exhibition about a silent march for Martin Luther King Jr. in Saratoga Springs. Sanjna recently co-produced a film examining free speech at Skidmore, in partnership with the Office of the Dean of Students and is currently producing a short film for next spring’s Tang exhibition.  A storyteller at heart, Sanjna is also in the process of filming her first independent documentary about child trafficking in orphanages across Nepal.  She serves as the news section editor for Skidmore News and hopes to someday pursue a career as a foreign correspondent and to continue dabbling in the world of documentary film-making.

Adam Simon ’19

Adam Simon  is a soon-to-be graduate of Skidmore College.  He has worked in the fields of film, philosophy, audio engineering, printmaking, and radio broadcasting.  His work aims to consider and engage with sonorous representation in various fields of experience — the political, the environmental, the personal.  Over the course of several years he has worked to develop a network of youth radio workshops in the Capital Region of New York.  In addition to community radio shows, he hosts his own show featuring experimental folk and electronic music on WSPN, Skidmore’s college radio.