Javier Barboza

Javier Barboza is an award-winning filmmaker, Creative Director, Animator, Educator, and Founder of Kaleidoscope Media. His work tackles the complexity of the identity and migration, using a surreal and narrative method to engage the audience in an experience best described as visually immersive. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Javier has been animating since the age of sixteen through after-school inner-city outreach programs. He continued his studies at East Los Angeles College, dedicating himself to fine arts, animation and graffiti. He transferred to California Institute of the Arts (Cal Arts) and majored in Character Animation and Film/Video, earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He received his Masters in Fine Arts at the University of Southern California (USC), in the School of Cinematic Arts, DADA Animation Division. He was awarded the Princes Grace Film Grant, was selected as an Annenberg Fellow, and has showcased at a variety of film festivals.

Javier continues to pitch at studios, lecture at various Universities nationally and internationally, freelance at several studios, and experiment with new ways of telling stories through Virtual Reality, AR, projections, installations, performance art, muppets, graffiti and animation.


Project Description

Javier is in production on an animated documentary of undocumented people living in the United States. Living under the radar in the USA not to be identified. Living with false identities and living in fear from deportation, immigration, police, authorities, friends and family.

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