Assia Boundaoui

Assia Boundaoui is an Algerian-American journalist and filmmaker based in Chicago. She has reported for the BBC, NPR, AlJazeera, VICE, CNN and was the recipient of a first place Mark of Excellence Award from the Society of Professional Journalists. Assia has worked in an editorial capacity on the production of a number of documentary films, including HBO Documentary Films’ Manhunt (2013) which was awarded an Emmy. Assia has a Masters degree in journalism from New York University and is fluent in Arabic. The Feeling of Being Watched is her directorial debut.


Project Description

In 2017 Assia initiated a lawsuit against the FBI requesting that they release over 33-thousand records regarding “Operation Vulgar Betrayal,” the largest domestic terrorism investigation conducted before 9/11 targeting thousands of law-abiding Muslim Americans across the country. After a landmark ruling, the FBI was forced to release 3,000 pages of records a month until reaching the total number of 33,120 pages. Assia’s “Watching Back Campaign” will result in a groundbreaking trans-media project creating an online platform so that these documents available to the general public, journalists, activists, advocates and academic scholars.

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