Student Fellows

Sophia Burns is a senior Urban Studies major at Vassar College with concentrations in Political Science and Geography. She is a first-generation college student and a native of the Philadelphia area. During the spring semester of 2017, she studied social movements and political thought in Havana, Cuba. As a 2017-2018 YP4 fellow, Sophia is building the Resilient Youth Collaborative, a community-building organization for children of incarcerated parents. She has also worked with EPIC (Engaging People in Change), a social justice youth leadership program in rural Dutchess County, NY. After graduation, Sophia plans pursue a career in social research and academia.


Julia Cavicchi ’18 is an environmental studies student in a variety of contexts – Skidmore College classrooms, the Sterling College farm, Bhutanese forests, Peruvian mountains – and is interested in exploring alternative approaches to engaging with the nonhuman creativities transforming these sites. Additionally, engaging in practices of multispecies care — at wildlife sanctuaries, nature centers, animal welfare and conservation organizations, sustainability centers, and urban community gardens — has encouraged her to rethink the line between research and practice. Following her internship with the Sanctuary for Independent Media, she has become more closely involved with the NATURE Lab, and hopes to build on these connections through her Storytellers’ Institute documentary project.


Clara-Sophia Daly ’20 is a sophomore studying International Affairs and Media & Film Studies. She grew up in a musical family in Sonoma County CA which fostered her interest in sound and radio. She is interested in telling stories through sound and film, and has produced audio works ranging from news segments for Pacifica Radio to experimental sound projects. On campus she works both as a stage crew supervisor at the Zankel Music Center, and as a documentary assistant in the MDOCS lab. She is also the assistant technical director of Skidmore’s WSPN radio. In her free time, she enjoys skiing, running, and listening to music.


Jamerly De La Cruz ’18 is an Anthropology major and Education minor whose interest lies in between getting to learn the relationships between space, place, ideologies, and identity through audio and visual content and exhibits. In the past year, she took an interest in understanding how the transitioning process and experience with natural hair relates to colonization, blackness, identity and material culture.Through this work, she curated an interactive exhibit, a documentary, and just took her first trip into her research in Zona Colonial, Dominican Republic. On days when she is not thinking about hair, Jamerly loves working in a museum, planning events, and facilitating workshops. On lazy days she’s usually watching a show on Netflix, a beauty vlogger on YouTube, painting or writing. On days off, she’s usually thinking about a new project or having an adventure. In all of these moments, she listens to Anthony Santos, Shakira, Ravyn Lenae, Jamila Woods, and Kendrick or is watching The Real


Emily Egan ’20 is an Art major with a Digital Media concentration and a Media & Film Studies minor at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York. Emily focuses on art through technology: a fusion of her interests in design, minimalism, and function.




Adèle Fantasia ’19 is a Sociology and French student at Skidmore College. Her photography work has been shown at the Schick Art Gallery on the Skidmore College campus. She has conducted qualitative studies as a part of her sociology course work. She will be participating as a production assistant on a short fictional student film.




Hannah Fowler ’18 is an English major and Media & Film Studies minor at Skidmore College. She has experience with audio documentary and was chosen to present her audio piece, “Arlene Benson,” at the MDOCS student showcase last semester. She currently works as a reporting/videographer assistant at Skidmore College’s office of Communications and Marketing. She interned as a production assistant on set for the documentary filmmaker, Yoruba Richen, where she scouted filming locations, conducted preliminary research for upcoming documentaries and helped schedule filming times every week. She cultivates a diverse and expansive media diet and has experience researching for projects and writing pieces from her literary studies track within her major.


Tuli Kuckes ’20 is a rising junior from Ithaca, New York. He has been experimenting with photography and short films since high school. He is a double major in English and History. In his free time he enjoys rock climbing and biking.




Amanda Peckler ’20 is an aspiring multimedia artist and documentary storyteller, pursuing a self-determined major in Media Arts and Communications at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY. In 2017, she helped co-found a social justice podcast and community called Pass the Mic which airs live shows every Sunday through WSPN 91.1 which are made accessible through their Soundcloud. Amanda helps manage and produce weekly episodes and foster relationships between the show and the greater Skidmore community. With her passion for community media and social justice, she served as a Fellow with the Media Institute for Social Change in Portland, Oregon. With MISC, she independently produced video and audio pieces documenting the stories of the community and religious center, Muslim Educational Trust as well as the harpist hospice organization Sacred Flight. Amanda is committed to creating projects which make space for marginalized communities to tell their own stories as a means to ignite social change and collective healing.