Gedney Barclay & Asa Horvitz

Gedney Barclay and Asa Horvitz’s collaboration goes back ten years, beginning with the founding of an experimental performance group at Wesleyan University. Since then they have made a number of large-scale performances together on both coasts of the US as well as individually presented performances, concerts, and exhibitions across the US and Europe. Bridging different forms of fiction and non-fiction, their work weaves firsthand testimony with music, film, and performance to explore the role of ideology, imagination, and fantasy in contemporary life. Their process involves lengthy periods of research, documentary video and film, original music composition, and the development of performance text with documentary subjects through extensive, repeated interviews. Recent projects have included video installation, full-length theater pieces, experimental, site-specific performances, and the upcoming feature-length documentary Howl, which they will be completing while at Storytellers’ Institute.



Learn more about Gedney and Asa on their personal sites, and watch two of their collaborative projects below: