MDOCS Forum Applications

Each June, Skidmore College’s John B. Moore Documentary Studies Collaborative (MDOCS) hosts a weekend-long Documentary Forum– public events combining festival presentations of artistic work with symposium-style conversations around an annual theme. The forum is free and open to the public.

In 2017, we brought together makers, scholars, activists and students to explore Space & Place in Documentary. See the full list of events for 2017 Festosium II: Space & Place. In 2018, we engaged with the theme Surveil/Surveilled in documentary and analyze documentary as a form of surveillance, consider the ethics and legalities of observing and the vulnerability of being observed, learn how to protect from surveillance, and engage with the documentary material that surveillance systems yield to explore its storytelling and truth telling potentials. Read about the 2018 keynote speakers, Filmmaker Assia Boundaoui and Artist Hasan Elahi and see the Full schedule here!

This year our theme is Humor: Laughing With Reality. In a world continually on the brink of apocalypse, in which absurdity is a daily occurrence, how can we not laugh at reality if we want to survive it? This year’s theme honors the long tradition of non-fiction makers who, through satire and silliness, have employed humor as means to transgress social norms, toy with the taboo, and empower us through laughter. Read more !




Lex Powel and Candace Thompson perform OK Gurgle at Forum 2018
Work from the 2018 Student Fellow curated show, “Sensing Surveillance”
2018 workshop with Our Data Bodies
Dayna McLeod performs the Uterine Concert Hall 2018
Teachings and Takeaways- closing conversation 2018
“I’ve Got a Home” by Daesha Devón Harris 2017
2018 Keynote speaker Hasan Elahi
Cecilia Aldorando and Brett Story Discuss “A Prison in Twelve Landscapes” 2017